UC Central makes it easy to control and monitor your workspaces while giving you the insight required to drive efficiency and productivity.  This guide covers how to setup and get started using UC Central. 


  • Your account has been associated to a UC Central Portal.
    • If you are the subscriber, then you will have access as the Portal Administrator
    • If you are not the subscriber, then your Portal Administrator will have to add you to the portal by Adding a New User
  • Your account has sufficient permissions in UC Central to perform the tasks below (typically a Portal Administrator).
    • If not, and you believe you should have those permissions, please have your Portal Administrator set up your permissions. See Users, Roles and Permissions for more information.

1. Sign In

If you are a portal administrator or have a role with sufficient permissions on your UC Central Portal, then please sign in at uccentral.com with the account you created with UCW.

From here, you might want to do the following:

2. Setup Users, Roles and Permissions

UC Central provides a robust Role and Permission system that allows portal administrators a fine level of granularity when managing users and permissions.

Please see Users, Roles and Permissions for more information

3. Setup Up Facilities

You will want to set up your facilities in your portal to provide some organization around the meeting spaces in your environment.  To do so, use the Facilities view under the Admin section of the main navigation on the left side of your browser. 

Please see Setting Up Facilities for more information 

4. Activate Spaces

Now that you have setup your facilities, it is important to ensure that your Spaces are Activated according to your subscription. When you subscribe to UCC, your subscription contains a quota of activations.  There is a one-to-one relationship of activations to Spaces (or Meeting Rooms). 

See Activating Spaces for more information.

5. Connect Computers to Your Portal

UC Central provides rich analytics and device management for the meeting spaces in your organization.  To connect a PC to your portal, you will want to install the Cloud Agent service on the PC and connect it to your portal with a provision code.

See Connecting a PC to your Portal for more information.

If you have followed the guide and have reached here, that means you have setup your UC Central Portal and are ready to make use of it's features.