UC Central makes it easy to control and monitor your workspaces while giving you the insight required to drive efficiency and productivity.  This guide covers some of the technical information an IT Administrator might be interested in.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Platform:  Microsoft Azure

Region:  East US

Local PC Service - UCW Cloud Agent

UCW Cloud Agent Service is a Windows Service that is installed on the local PC.  This service is responsible for brokering all communications between the local PC and the UC Central cloud platform.  By default, the service runs under the "LocalSystem" account for the purpose of reading and writing to the registry [Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE] (required).

To setup the service (and ultimately) a PC on UC Central, follow the setup guide.

The service is installed as 'UCW Cloud Agent' and should be set to automatically start up when the PC starts.

Connection Requirements

If you need to open ports or white-list URLs, this is what the UC Central Cloud Agent requires:

PurposeURLPort(s)Communication Type
Communication with Portalwww.uccentral.com443HTTPS
Communication with Portalwi-ihub-portal-usae-prod.azure-devices.net443MQTT
Application Insights
Exception Logging




80, 443HTTPS


UC Central shares an authentication provider with all of UCW.

Please see our guide here for more information.

Currently, UCW Authentication supports Microsoft accounts and Local Accounts.

Microsoft Accounts

If users are using their Microsoft Accounts in the UCW environment, and Microsoft AD is set up to require admin approval to access resources, the admin in your organization will need to enable allow permissions for identity.ucworkspace.com .

Local Accounts

A local account is an account users can create with UCW using an email and password, and can optionally choose to have 2FA enabled.