UC Central makes it easy to control and monitor your workspaces while giving you the insight required to drive efficiency and productivity.  This guide covers specific details on UC Central subscriptions

Subscription Activations/Quotas

When purchasing a subscription to UC Central (or subscribe to the UC Central Trial), ensure you purchase enough activations (Quota) for the number of meeting rooms / spaces you will want on your portal.  You can increase or decrease the number of activations at any time in our subscription site.


  • When you create your subscription, you will choose how many activations you need.
  • You can apply one activation per meeting room / space.
  • An activated space will:
    • collect and report analytics.
    • allow you to manage devices and software settings (where applicable)
    • allow you create monitors to be alerted when certain conditions occur
  • You may have spaces on your portal that are not activated.  They will not receive or report analytics, nor will you be able to manage any devices or software settings in spaces that are not active.

Increasing Activations/Quotas

To increase the activations or quota for an existing subscription please contact orders@ucworkspace.com.

Confirmation Email

Once your subscription has been created successfully, a UC Central Portal will be created for your company.  You should receive an email letting you know that your portal has been queued for creation.  Please allow anywhere from a few minutes to an hour for your portal to be created.

Once your portal is ready, you should receive an email stating that your portal has been created.  

  • This email will be sent to the company administrator that has been registered with UCW in the prerequisites above.
  • As well, the company administrator will become the first portal user, and they will have administrative permissions on the portal, at which point they will be able to grant any user access to the company portal.