Health status is a number from 0 to 100 that indicates the health of a space or all the spaces in your UC Central Portal.

Health status is calculated from the status of devices and applications:

not responding0

The space health score is an average of the device and application scores for the space.

The portal health score is the average of all the activated space health scores. 

For example, suppose there are 2 devices (A & B) in a space, and there are two applications running on each device.

And A device's status is OK, and one application is OK, the other is warning.

And B device and the applications running on it are all OK.

So the space score is (OK+OK+Warning+OK+OK+OK)/6 = (100+100+75+100+100+100)/6 = 95.833 = 96

So 96 is the health score for the space.