UC Central provides rich analytics and device management for the meeting spaces in your organization.  To connect a PC to your portal, you will want to install the Cloud Agent service on the PC and connect it to your portal with a provision code.

Before proceeding, note that all PCs should be assigned to an activated space (or meeting room) to gain the full benefit of your portal.  You can set up your facilities by following the guide above.  You can also create spaces and assign PCs to spaces at any time.

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Quicklaunch PC

   1. Copy the code from UC Central > Devices > Add Device

    2. Using the UCW Installer, install both Quicklaunch and UC Central


    3. Launch Quicklaunch Settings (CTRL+ALT+S) > Plugins > UC Central and paste your activation code

    4. Your Quicklaunch room will now be pending in UC Central. After you approve the room (See "Assign Device to a Space" below) your Quicklaunch will be connected to UC Central