Setting Up Facilities

You will want to set up your facilities in your portal to provide some organization around the meeting spaces in your environment.  To do so, use the Facilities view under the Admin section of the main navigation on the left side of your browser.

Add New Facility

  1. Go to Admin Tab
  2. Press the Facilities Group
  3. Press Add Campus
  4. Choose a Campus Name
  5. Optionally Add Tags (assists in searching)
  6. Press Save

  1. Press the "Plus" Icon on your new Campus

  1. Enter a Building Name
  2. Address of the Building
  3. Country, State/Province, City and ZIP code
  4. Choose the Hours of Operation
  5. Optionally Add Tags

  1. Press the "Plus" Icon on your new Building

  1. Add a Floor Name
  2. Optionally add Tags

  1. Press the "Plus" Icon on your new Floor

  1. Add a Space Name
  2. Enter the Room Capacity
  3. Assign a Subscription to your new space
  4. Optionally add Tags

Locate Newly Added Facilities

  1. Enter Spaces Group
  2. Enter Overview Tab
  3. Press on the proper Facility from the list

  1. Your new Facility will load and show all current information for the room

To learn how to add devices to your newly added space...

See - UC Central - Activating Meeting Spaces