Setting Up Facilities

You will want to set up your facilities in your portal to provide some organization around the meeting spaces in your environment.  To do so, use the Facilities view under the Admin section of the main navigation on the left side of your browser.

Facilities at UC Central are organized by Campus, Building, Floor and Space.

  • A Campus contains Buildings
  • A Building contains Floors
  • A Floor contains Spaces (or Meeting Rooms)

 (A)  Click the "Facilities" link to view the main facilities page.

 (B)   Use the "Add Campus" to add a top level campus, fill the details for the campus on the right side of the page, then click "Save".  We recognize not all companies have campuses, so feel free to have only one and name it as you like.

 (C)  Select the facility (Campus, Building or Floor) and use the "+" button to the right to add the next level of facility to the list.  Again, you must fill out the details in the right panel (not shown) and click "Save" for the changes to persist.

Before proceeding to the next step, ensure that you have added at least one Space.


-> Building 

-> Floor

-> Space