UC Central provides rich analytics and device management for the meeting spaces in your organization.  To connect a PC to your portal, you will want to install the Cloud Agent service on the PC and connect it to your portal with a provision code.

Before proceeding, note that all PCs should be assigned to an activated space (or meeting room) to gain the full benefit of your portal.  You can set up your facilities by following the guide above.  You can also create spaces and assign PCs to spaces at any time.

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Windows PC

    1. Copy the code from UC Central > Devices > Add Device

    2. Install UC Central from the UCW Installer

    3.  After the install is complete, you will be prompted to enter your activation code

If you need help during this process, please contact support.

2. Assign the PC to a Space

There are two ways to assign a device to a space. You can do this at provisioning time, or after you can move a PC to any available space on in your portal.

At provision time, click the "Assign Space" link before you click Approve.  Then, click the "Approve" button and the PC will be assigned to the selected space.

You can also do this later, at any time:

At any other time, you can find your PC in the Devices List, edit the device and remove it from that space, then reassign the devices 

When the PC is connected to the portal and working correctly, you will see a green indicator noting that the status is OK. You can hover over the status indicators to get a sense of what they mean.